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Black Pepper Oil: One of Nature’s Most Astonishing Remedies


Can you imagine having a centuries-old magic potion that helped cure a whole lot of ailments? Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea in a faraway fairy tale.

Most people know about black pepper, the spice we frequently use to enhance the flavor of our food and most people also know about the health benefits of consuming black peppercorns. It is a little less known, but black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum), made from black peppercorns, is one of nature’s astonishing remedies that has a variety of uses and benefits.

Purifies, Calms, and Reduces Cravings

Black pepper oil is diverse, providing numerous properties that are essential to promoting human health.

Black pepper essential oil, The Oil That Purifies, Calms, and Reduces Cravings


Joints and Inflammation

Stressful lifestyles, inadequate exercise, and unhealthy diets cause the buildup of toxic substances, deposits, and uric acid in the joints, which leads to pain and inflammation.

If you’re suffering from gout, chronic arthritis, or rheumatism, black pepper essential oil can help discharge excess deposits and uric acid through the urine. Add some oil to a warm bath to relax your muscles and system as the oil promotes urination to rid the body of harmful residues.

If you take the oil orally, the strong antioxidants will encourage sweating and urination to help detoxify the body. Black pepper’s potent chemical components provide high antioxidant activity that supports the immune system and aids healthy cell function.  Healthy cell function helps everything else, especially circulation and blood condition. So, during the cold winters and pollinated summers, take a drop daily to give your system a boost.

For specific joint pain, add two drop of black pepper oil with 2 ml coconut oil and gently massage over the painful, inflamed areas. Apply the oil slowly as it has a powerful warming sensation. To amplify the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, include a drop or two of Frankincense oil.


Fights Addictions and Cravings

Black pepper oil assists the body in producing a calming effect on your emotions and stress levels. Using black pepper oil when quitting an addictive habit. It helps you cope with the anxiousness, tension, and associated withdrawal symptoms.

By diffusing or inhaling the oil, the healing properties are absorbed into your bloodstream to reduce cravings and ease the nervous system. You can rub a drop of black pepper oil (with coconut oil) on your skin, over the heart area, for emotional comfort.  To increase your energy levels and get more exercise, massage a few drops on the soles of your feet daily.

When added to your daily routine, black pepper oil can promote health and well-being in many ways.