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17 Home Remedies for a Blocked or Stuffy Nose


A blocked or stuffy nose is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the sinus. This is usually triggered by a cold or flu, allergies, sinus infection, or environmental irritants. Your nose feels clogged, you sound nasal, breathing isn’t easy, and there is no mucus to blow out to relieve that blocked feeling.

Medication is available like analgesics, antihistamines and decongestants but it’s not the only option to treat nasal congestion. If you are prone to side effects, or you are stuck at home in a blizzard, try these 17 home remedies for a blocked or stuffy nose:

17.Homemade Steam Bath


Make a steam bath by placing your face over a bowl of hot water and covering your head with a towel. Check the steam is not too hot that it will scald your face. Steam loosens mucus and relieves sinus pressure. You can add essential oils or fresh ginger to intensify the benefits.