15 Amazingly Heart-Healthy Foods


Take care of your heart. The heart is a main organ in the body that pumps blood all over the body and keeps every other organ alive. If the heart is not healthy, you might obtain a disease, feel pains, tired, or any other problems that could happen in the body. The body needs constant care. Exercising is a way to keep the heart pumping. But other than exercising, you should also change your diet to help your heart stay in shape. With a healthy heart, you could do anything you wanted without any stress. Here we have 15 types of food that are healthy for the heart.


1. Citrus Fruits


Low levels of vitamin C is also known to be a risk factor of a heart disease. If you have a deficiency of vitamin C, fixing this is pretty easy. Consume more fruits that are rich in vitamin C (such as oranges, papaya, lemons, limes, et cetera). Also, these citrus fruits contain fiber and pectin that is will help strengthen the blood vessels, decrease cholesterol, and lower the risk of oxidative stress.

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